Zip Lining in Wimberley, Texas

by Elissa Bassini
Fly through the heart of Texas Hill Country on Wimberley's signature zipline adventure.

Fly through the heart of Texas Hill Country on Wimberley's signature zipline adventure.

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Wimberley, Texas, is a small-town diamond in the rough for outsized thrills of the ziplining sort. Wimberley is known for its dramatic natural landscape: mountains, valleys and streams and the active preservation movement in the area has helped make it an excellent location for rope-course architecture. As a result, Wimberley Zipline Adventures has made its own name offering a breathtaking zipline experience.

Wimberley Zipline Adventures: A Recent History

Today, Wimberly Zipline Adventures is the town's premier zipline operation, its trademark guided excursion is a mass tourism magnet and its physical course a modern-day landmark. The zipline opened only a few years ago. Here's its recent, yet already famous, history: On a 2006 Belize vacation, Wimberley natives, the Robinson family, rode a forest zipline so extraordinary they at once decided their hometown needed its own. Together with enthusiastic local buddies and drawing on engineering backgrounds, the Robinsons leased 30 acres and constructed their course, which opened in 2008.

The Zipline Adventure: The Course

The WZA zipline course is actually not one but eight separate and distinct ziplines, each providing its own particular thrills, sights and overall joyride. In total, the eight lines together span an incredible 3/4 of a mile, located between two imposing forest hillsides and criss-crossing above the Wimberley Valley below -- at points over 100 feet in height. Zipliners literally fly down the suspended steel cables -- at speeds frequently exceeding 30mph -- while surrounded on all sides by the legendary Texas Hill Country mountains, canyons, rivers and creeks; these in-flight views extend for 15 spectacular miles. At approximately two hours long, this ziplining adventure is more than just an adrenaline rush: It's an unforgettable out-of-body experience.

Safety First: Eligibility

Mind-blowing good times notwithstanding, WZA's priority first and foremost is each participant's safety and the company covers every angle to ensure it. WZA holds membership in both the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA), its industry's authorities on set safety standards and how and when they are met. On the eligibility question of "who" can zipline safely, WZA enforces two minimum qualifying requirements: participants must be at least 10 years old and weigh at least 70 lbs. In addition, WZA sets maximum weight amounts, at 200 lbs. for women and 250 lbs. for men, to guarantee optimal equipment security and efficiency. Finally, WZA recommends a certain level of physical fitness; in particular, in order to zipline, participants must be able to hike the half-mile uphill through the Texas wilderness to reach the ziplining summit.

Be a Part of It

Provided its physical eligibility conditions are met, WZA is fully equal opportunity -- welcoming both first-timers and seasoned pros, senior citizens and kids alike. Prior experience is unnecessary for safety purposes because each and every participant must partake in its "flight school" before embarking. Conducted by its trained professional guides, WZA's pre-schooling involves hands-on equipment outfitting and comprehensive practicing with this gear and training in the operative techniques. Rest assured, moreover, that WZA's equipment provided and systems employed are state-of-the-art, meticulously in line with ACCT and PRCA regulations. Participants' across-the-board sense of complete confidence that WZA successfully inspires is of priceless value to their extreme adventures' most extreme enjoyment. But you can have it for just $69, a per person cost covering the whole shebang, including of course all eight lines of zipping exhilaration. Advance reservations are required; book ahead and get psyched for some seriously intense communing with Texas Hill Country's nature!

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