Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Creation Ideas

by Iam Jaebi

Yu-Gi-Oh is a popular entertainment franchise spawned by an anime show in which characters use decks of cards to duel, or battle, in head-to-head combat. The battling is part strategy and part power, as each card depicts a technique or creature that does the actual fighting. In the real world, Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiasts build decks of cards and compete against other opponents in similar fashion. Just like in the anime, winning duels is all about how you build, or create, your deck and how you use the cards you have.

Use a Binder

If you're serious about building your Yu-Gi-Oh deck and winning duels, then you're going to need a binder. The binder you use is standard, but on the inside, clear plastic card holding pages are used. Each page has several pockets that you slip your Yu-Gi-Oh cards into as your collection grows. This helps both to protect your cards, keeping them in mint condition, and allows you to quickly identify the cards you need through the clear plastic.


There are thousands of Yu-Gi-Oh cards out there, organized into 10 different levels, or types. Each level of card depicts monsters with different abilities and power ratings, meaning that some will be more useful to your duels than others. The binder is the first step to keeping your decks organized, but as you collection grows, it's important to group your cards within the binder logically. For example, keep cards of the same level and power type together and separate from cards of different levels. This makes picking the right cards for a duel exceedingly quick and effective.

Trade Duplicates

The traditional method of acquiring Yu-Gi-Oh cards is through buying sealed packs of 10 or more cards. This invariably leads to building a deck of cards with duplicates, since you are never certain what cards will be in a pack. While duplicates may serve as backups to cards that are lost or damaged, there isn't much use for them in your deck. This makes them the first cards you want to look to trade with other duelers to obtain cards that you do not have.

Build Template Decks

There are infinite strategies of playing Yu-Gi-Oh because there are so many cards. As you develop your deck, you can aim to build a custom deck as described on the Yu-Gi-Oh official card game website under "Duelists Resources" (see Resources). There are several deck creation templates that take the guess work out of building a winning deck. Print out the list you want to use and tape it to your Yu-Gi-Oh binder. As you acquire cards, check them off the list.

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