Yo-Yo Party for Children

by Donni Jones
Turn the ordinary yo-yo into an entire party theme.

Turn the ordinary yo-yo into an entire party theme.

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Children love toys, so pick a toy to use as a party theme. You can throw a Lego or doll party, or even a yo-yo party. The yo-yo, a popular toy that has been played with for ages, can be used as a party theme in a number of creative ways, from décor and entertainment to food and prizes.


Look online for yo-yo clip art or pictures to use in your invitations. Or, send out invitations that are circular and have a string attached, like the toy. For your decorations, hang the usual balloons and streamers, and also add yo-yos of all sizes and colors cut from construction paper. Put up a "Welcome to the Yo-Yo Party!" banner. On the food table, create a centerpiece by filling a vase or two with an assortment of yo-yos. Shop in toy stores, dollar stores, thrift stores and flea markets for inexpensive or marked-down secondhand yo-yos.


Play Pin the Yo on the Yo. Cut two equally sized large circles from cardboard, spray-paint them a bright color, affix one to the wall, then let blindfolded kids take turns trying to put one circle on the other dead center. Hide yo-yos throughout the party area or backyard for a scavenger hunt. A fun idea for younger children is to let them make yo-yo necklaces by getting one of the decorative yo-yo circles off the walls and dressing it up with stickers, beads and markers. Punch a hole in it to tie a string through so they can wear their art. For older kids, have a karaoke competition with such songs as "Yo Excuse Me Miss" by Chris Brown, "Closer" by Ne Yo, "Yo-Yo" by The Kinks and "You Can Have It All" by Yo La Tengo.


For rewards for game winners, purchase economically priced prizes in party supply stores and in dollar stores such as small notepads, pencils, coasters and key chains that have yo-yos on them. Or have a set of these items customized with a yo-yo image on a website offering this service. Get crafty and make your own yo-yo refrigerator magnet party favors: spray-paint beer bottle caps various vivid colors, glue a little craft magnet inside each one, paint on "Yo-Yo Party" and the date, and finish with a coat of clear spray-paint varnish. Alternatively, use a variety of yo-yos as prizes.


Prepare food that is round to mimic the shape of the toy. For example, use circle cookie cutters on bread, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, cold cuts and cheese slices to make round sandwiches. Or serve mini pizzas made on round English muffins. Or serve taco salads on round tostada shells. For dessert, serve round brownies cut with circle cookie cutters, or cookies, or a cake or batch of cupcakes topped with yo-yos made of fondant or marzipan.

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