Youth Football Camps in Clovis, California

by Robin Reichert
A youth football camp will help to improve your child's gridiron skills.

A youth football camp will help to improve your child's gridiron skills.

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Youth football camps provide an opportunity to help your child develop social and physical skills. Youth football camps are available for all ages and skill levels. Parents can choose between contact or noncontact camps. Kids learn sportsmanship, athletic skills and confidence in their own abilities. The staff-to-child ratio is typically small enough to allow one-on-one coaching. Youth football camps in Clovis, California, and nearby Fresno, California, are staffed by trained, professional coaches.

Central Valley Youth Camp

Clovis West High School provides an annual youth football camp for kids ages 6 to 14 years old in June. The two-day Central Valley Youth Camp takes place at Clovis West High School, 1070 E. Teague, in Fresno, California. The cost in 2011 was $50 per student. Clovis West High School head football coach Mike Parsons trains football camp students in the morning with drills, exercises and games. Call 559-871-3308 for more information about youth football camp schedules and requirements.

Bulldogs Football Camp

Buchanan High School, 1560 N. Minnewawa in Clovis, hosts an annual elementary football camp for incoming freshmen in May. The camp is two hours each day for three days. The school also hosts an annual elementary football camp for three days in June. The camps take place at the Buchanan football practice field. Parents can contact the Buchanan High School Athletic director at 559-327-3271. The number for the football office is 559-327-3283.

Quarterback Academy

The Quarterback Academy's QB Next is a training and development football program for youth players held in locations around the country. Its 2011 schedule included a Fresno camp. The Quarterback Academy provides youth camps, quarterback clinics and training. Programs accommodate all age and skill levels. Parents can choose from three-day camps, two-day summer programs or year-round development programs. The camp is for boys ages 8 to 18. Boys younger than age 9 must be accompanied by parents at the camp. Call 866-735-3267 for more information.

Fresno State Bulldogs

The Fresno State Bulldogs football program offers two camps in June for kids entering grades nine through grade 12. The camp is a non-contact camp, so minimum padding is required. Kids learn the basic skills required to play football. Campers need to bring their own football helmet, shoes, mouthpiece and shoulder pads. The cost in 2011 was $65 per student, with lunch provided. Contact the Bulldogs Football Camp at 553-278-3015 for the schedule and more information.

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