Do It Yourself Flower Arrangements for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

by Katina Blue, Demand Media

    If you are planning a 50th wedding anniversary party, you can save money by creating your own flower arrangements. Fiftieth wedding anniversaries are typically represented by violets -- flowers with heart-shaped leaves that come in various shades of purple -- and yellow roses. For an easy-to-make arrangement, create centerpieces using different-colored African violets combined with yellow rosebuds and baby's breath. Arrange the flowers in short vases and limit the height of each centerpiece to 12 inches to keep your cost low and prevent view obstruction at your tables.

    Step 1

    Purchase vases from a craft store. You will find different sizes and shapes such as square, round and rectangular. You can even mix different shapes if you desire. Consider using vases that resemble small fishbowls. These sit lower on the table and usually have a wider opening to accommodate a fuller flower arrangement. Purchase a vase for each guest table at your party and a few extra to place around the room.

    Step 2

    Purchase enough African violets, short-stemmed yellow rosebuds and baby's breath to fill each vase. You can find all of these flowers at your local grocery store or florist. If roses are too expensive for your budget, replace them with any other type of golden yellow flower, such as tulips or yellow orchids.

    Step 3

    Fill a vase with water until its half full. Do not overfill the vase because the water will spill out when you add the flowers.

    Step 4

    Cut the stems from a small bunch of the violets until they are short enough to fit into the vase. Add enough until the vase is almost full.

    Step 5

    Cut the stems from a few rosebuds to make them the same length as the violets you placed in the vase. Creatively add the roses to the vase. You can place all of them in the center or scatter them around, whatever looks best to you. Continue cutting and adding until the arrangement looks good to you.

    Step 6

    Cut the stems of the baby's breath. Stick several pieces in between or around the violets and roses.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Gold is another traditional theme for 50th wedding anniversaries. You can tie gold ribbons around your vases to represent this theme.
    • The design for your centerpieces is up to you and can be based on arrangements you've seen at weddings, birthday parties or other events.
    • Practice on the first vase until you achieve the desired arrangement. Once you successfully complete one vase, use it as the model when arranging flowers in the others.

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