"Yoda the Jedi Master" Board Game Instructions

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The board game was based on characters in the first

The board game was based on characters in the first "Star Wars" film trilogy.

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The "Star Wars: Yoda the Jedi Master" board game takes players to the Dagobah System. There, Yoda the Jedi Master creates difficult tasks for players to complete in order to learn the ways of the force. Players work to achieve Merit and go through many Jedi trials. The goal of the game is to enter the Jedi circle and become a Jedi Knight. The game was published in 1981 by Kenner, when the "Star Wars" movies were popular for the first time.

Step 1

Place the game board on a card table or other playing surface and give each player a playing piece. The playing pieces are drawings of Luke Skywalker inserted into plastic stands. There are four playing pieces.

Step 2

Stack the Jedi cards and the Yoda cards in the appropriate spots on the board.

Step 3

Take turns tapping the move spinner. Each player must land on the space marked "Enter the Dagobah System," before a playing piece can be placed on the board.

Step 4

Move your piece to the start position on the board and draw two Jedi Cards. The cards will either give you one Jedi Merit or take a Merit away. Save the Merits awarded, because you will need five of them to win the game. Landing on a Jedi Card space during the game can also cause you to lose Jedi Merits or have to visit a Jedi Camp twice.

Step 5

Spin the counter before each turn and move the number of spaces indicated on the spinner. The game will move players along a meandering path on the board as well as Jedi Camps located in three of the corners.

Step 6

Land on a Yoda space and draw a Yoda card. It gives you an extra turn, moves you ahead or back an indicated number of spaces or forces you to lose a turn.

Step 7

Continue moving your game piece around the corners of the board until you come to the Jedi Trials located in the fourth corner. The first person to make it to the Jedi Trials with five Merit cards wins the game.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you draw a card that allows you to use a shortcut you can take a shorter route around the board. While in the shortcut, players battle the Darkside by tapping the spinner and moving forward or back based on what the spinner indicates.
  • If you drop below five Merit cards while in the Jedi Circle, you must return to the last camp, go through the trials again and collect more Merit Cards.

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