Yellowstone Lodging by Old Faithful

by Edwin Thomas
Old Faithful, one of Yellowstone National Park's most famous attractions

Old Faithful, one of Yellowstone National Park's most famous attractions

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Of Yellowstone National Park's attractions, the Old Faithful geyser is among the most famous, but that geyser is roughly 20 miles from the park's West Entrance and more than 35 miles from its South Entrance. Because of that remote location, the only lodgings found nearby is the Old Faithful Inn, a historic hotel operated by a national park contractor.


Summer accommodations around Old Faithful are found in the Old Faithful Inn and the Old Faithful Lodge. These lodgings close between December and March, with the Snow Lodge opening to take their place. All of these lodgings are located in a semi-circle-shaped visitor complex reaching from the banks of the Fireside River to enclose Old Faithful. In addition to the various hostelries, the complex includes gas stations, camp stores, a post office and a first-aid station.

Old Faithful Inn

With both an "exceptional" rating from Frommer's and a Fodor's Choice award, the Old Faithful Inn is the premier hotel in not just the Old Faithful area, but also in all of Yellowstone National Park. A National Historic Landmark and masterpiece of rustic architecture, the inn sports a vast, seven-story, log-walled lobby atrium with an eight-sided fireplace. The rooms in the "Old House" enjoy wood-paneled walls and rustic, iron-framed beds, while those in the more modern wings have contemporary furnishings. Travelers should note that some rooms in the Old House have shared bathrooms.

Old Faithful Lodge

The Old Faithful Lodge is the central building for a network of 97 rental cabins. Cabins come in two molds, frontier and budget. Both are simple, motel-style affairs with homey, wood furniture and fittings. The main difference is that while the budget cabins rely on shared bathrooms, frontier cabins have private shower bathrooms. The budget-conscious should note that Old Faithful Lodge's cabins represent the most economical accommodations option after camping in this part of Yellowstone National Park.

Old Faithful Snow Lodge

A modern addition to Old Faithful lodgings, the Snow Lodge blends in with its cousins with a decor of heavy wood beams and wrought-iron fittings. Accommodations take the form of guest rooms in the main lodge building or in the motel-style rooms of the lodge's duplex and four-plex rental cabins. All rooms at the Snow Lodge are decorated in a western motif and come with the modern amenities one might expect from the newest hotel in the park. The Old Faithful Snow Lodge is one of two hotels inside Yellowstone National Park open during winter.

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