Yamaha Magicstomp Guitar Effects

by Michael Black

The Yamaha Magicstomp guitar effects pedals are powerful tone-shaping effects processors that give you access to over 100 different guitar sounds. Two different types of Magicstomp pedals are available, one for regular electric guitars and one for acoustic-electric guitars. While these two different types of pedals function the same way, they have two entirely different sets of built-in sounds.

Tone Patches

Both types of Magicstomp effects pedals come with 99 preset tone patches. These tone patches are designed to emulate some of the most famous guitar tones ever created. These factory set tone patches are the major difference between the electric Magicstomp pedal and the acoustic Magicstomp pedal. In addition to these 99 preset effects, each Magicstomp unit can also hold an additional 99 user effects. These effects can be downloaded from the Internet, stored on a USB storage device and transferred to the Magicstomp effects unit.

Hardware and Controls

The Magicstomp effects pedals are both protected by a durable metal casing. At the bottom of each unit are three switches; the one in the middle acts as an on/off switch, while the other two switches cycle through the sound patches installed on the Magicstomp pedal. A volume knob is located on the upper right face of both pedals. Three knobs are located in the middle of each unit that shape the specific parameters of each specific effect. The specific functions of these knobs change from effect to effect. Just below the three control knobs is a "Store" button that allows you to save an altered tone patch.

Outputs and Inputs

Each pedal has a single 1/4-inch input jack and two 1/4-inch outputs (a left and a right). This allows you to split your signal into two separate amplifiers. If you do not wish to split your guitar's signal, plug the left (mono) output into your amplifier using a standard instrument cable and leave the right output empty. Both Magicstomp pedals also have a USB input and an AC adapter input.

Sound Editor Specs

The sound editor program that comes with the Magicstomp pedals and allows you to download and tweak new tone patches was designed to work with Windows 98 through Windows XP or Mac OS 8.6 through Mac OS 9.22. For PCs, you need 32 MB of available memory to run the program, while on a Mac you need at least 16 MB. Thirty MB of hard drive space is required to run the program on a PC (32 MB required to run it on a Mac). Owner's manuals for the Magicstomp effects pedals can be downloaded from Yamaha's Magicstomp web page.