Written Baby Shower Games and Answers

by Nicole Schmoll
Learn how to liven up a baby shower with fun writing games.

Learn how to liven up a baby shower with fun writing games.

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Baby showers are a time for friends and family to gather in celebration of a new life. Usually held for a woman who is pregnant with her first child, showers generally feature appetizers and/or desserts, socializing, gift-giving to the mom-to-be and two or three games in which guests participate and have the opportunity to win door prizes.

Identify the Song Lyrics

Give guests a list of one line from 10 popular or classic baby songs or lullabies. Give guests five to 10 minutes to write down the song titles for as many of the lyrics as they can think of. Afterward, ask volunteers to sing out the lines and announce their guess for the name of the song it's associated with. Give the guest with the most correct answers a door prize such as a gift certificate or potted plant. Have a backup song lyric handy in the event of a tie.

Baby Name Scramble

Give guests a piece of scrap paper and a pen or pencil. Write a list of the top 10 most popular baby names for the previous year on a large piece of poster board and post multiple copies of it up around the room so everyone can easily see a board. Instead of spelling out the names properly though, scramble the letters so that they are inexplicable and do not form proper names. For example list "Emily" as "limey;" "Madison" as "amsino;" "Hailey as "yalehi" and so on. Give guests five minutes to unscramble as many names as possible. If desired, make the first name on the list be the name the parent(s) have chosen for their child and use the game as an opportunity to announce the name. Give the winner a fun door prize like a gift certificate, candle collection or bath and body lotion or creams.

Animal Babies

Give guests a sheet of paper with 12 adult animal names listed on it such as duck, dog, cat, lion, fish, etc. Tell guests that the first person to write the proper animal baby names for each adult animal name wins a door prize. Research the answers ahead of time and have a master sheet with the answers such as duckling, puppy, kitten, cub, fry, etc. Have the door prize be something guests will enjoy such as a gift card to a coffee shop, restaurant or local store.

Baby Shower Lotto

Place a calendar with the days of the month(s) in the four weeks surrounding the mother's due date. Tell guests beforehand to bring a small, useful item with them to use in a baby shower game such as a package of wipes, a small bottle of baby powder, a pacifier or a rattle. As guests arrive, have a basket set up beneath the calendar and ask guests to place their small, useful items in the basket in exchange for a "lotto ticket" which they can use to select the day on which they think the baby will be born. Write the day selected along with the guest's name on a small piece of paper. Write the guest(s) name(s) on the day they choose and give the winning guest(s) a $25 gift card to a local store or restaurant.

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