How to Write a Short Notice Invitation to a Christmas Party

by Anya Meave
Draw holiday symbols on the front of the invitation.

Draw holiday symbols on the front of the invitation.

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Hosting a last-minute party is a gamble, especially during the holidays when plans have already been made. Although some invitees may consider a short notice to a Christmas party as rude, other guests may be pleased to receive an invitation. Write short notice invitations to a Christmas party on blank cards, and hand the invitations out to those on the guest list. A last-minute Christmas shindig may give lonely guests something to do during the holidays, and brighten the season as well.

Items you will need

  • 4-by-6-inch sheets of cardstock
  • Colored markers
Step 1

Select the number of cardstock sheets needed for the invitations. Write "Christmas Party" on the front of the card. Then decorate the front of each sheet with colored markers, stamps or holiday stickers. Use festive colors such as green and red to decorate the front of the cards. Select stamps of snowflakes and pine trees to adorn the front of the invitations as well.

Step 2

Open the short notice invitation with a welcoming message, such as "Rejoice in the holiday festivities at our short notice Christmas party." Write a casual message inside the invitation, such as "You are invited to an unexpected holiday bash!" for a non-traditional Christmas party with spirituous drinks and holiday games.

Step 3

Enter the date and time below the holiday greeting on individual lines. A specific end time may also be included, to give guests a time frame on the duration of the party.

Step 4

Place the location information of the Christmas party below the date and time on a separate line. Include a small map or directions to prevent guests from getting lost.

Step 5

Write a contact phone number below the location, in case guests are lost or unable to attend the party at the last minute. Avoid requiring guests to RSVP, since the invitation to the Christmas party is being given on short notice. Guests may already have holiday plans.

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