How to Write an Invitation With Persuasive Writing

by Sarah Nyako

If you are organizing an event, you may be worried about guest attendance. One way of ensuring a good turnout is by writing a persuasive invitation. The invitation is the first impression your guests will have of your affair. Think of the invitation as your opportunity to give your guests a preview of your event. Putting thought and creativity into the wording of the invite will attract guests by presenting your occasion as similarly thoughtful and creative.

Step 1

Emphasize the importance of the event. A persuasive invitation should give guests a bit of background information regarding the occasion's significance. Many events by their nature, such as a 50th wedding anniversary or a 21st birthday party, are already ingrained in our society as important, and you may not have to spell it out in these cases. Others may not be, in which case a few sentences outlining how meaningful the event will be can make your guests more likely to attend.

Step 2

Include all the information the guests will need. Guests will be more likely to attend if they can quickly identity all the information they need to make decisions before the event. These decisions include whether or not to bring a gift, what kind of attire they should wear, and approximately how much money they will be spending. In addition to the standard "who, what, when, where and why," giving guests a clear idea of what to expect before and during the event may make them more likely to attend.

Step 3

Point out the special entertainment or food featured at the party. If your party will feature a special attraction or cuisine, this could be a draw for many guests. For example, if you are hiring a notable local DJ or if you will have entertainment for children, these highlights could persuade your guests to attend. Additionally, if your party will feature a tantalizing menu or special cocktails, mentioning these will make your event seem special and alluring.

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