Working of a Musical Door Bell

by Joshua Liu

Unlike a regular doorbell, a musical doorbell offers more variety in terms of chimes. For users that are unsatisfied with an ordinary doorbell chime, a musical doorbell allows them to program their own songs or tunes that are played whenever the modified doorbell is rung. Because of their enhanced performance, musical doorbells work differently than regular ones.

Ordinary Doorbells

Most doorbells function on electrical and mechanical principles. Inside the doorbell, there is usually an electronic circuit connected to an electromagnet. When the button is pressed, the circuit is completed and the electromagnet turns on, attracting material like iron. Most doorbells have an iron bar inside them, which moves when the electromagnet is turned on. The iron bar then strikes a bell or chime, producing a noise. Releasing the button switches off the circuit so the noise stops.

Musical Doorbells

Unlike ordinary doorbells, musical doorbells function on entirely electrical principles. Because they play actual songs, simple chimes or bells are not sufficient to produce mechanical noise. Therefore, a speaker must be used to play a recording of the song. Despite the completely electrical nature of musical doorbells, most of them can still use the wires of an ordinary doorbell, and require no extra power. The only extra component in the circuit is a diode, which prevents the sound from being played continuously.

Installation and Operation

Most musical doorbell manufacturers require only the use of a screwdriver for installation. Because ordinary doorbells operate using a transformer, the musical doorbell can use these existing wires and connections. Installation is easy: Simply remove the old doorbell using a screwdriver, mark the wires that were attached to it and replace it with the new musical doorbell. Most musical doorbells can distinguish the correct path of wires, so wiring is not an issue either.


Musical doorbells come with many features. Most of them are programmable, having a selection of pre-selected songs that can be changed at any time. The doorbell can also adjust volume, and manual controls are often provided for increased user control. There are also terminals and ports for connecting auxiliary speakers to play songs in other areas of the house. Finally, there is a battery terminal so songs are not erased during a power outage.

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