Wording for a Unique Bridal Shower Invitation

by Tamiya King

Your best friend is getting married soon, and it's up to you to plan a bridal shower that she'll never forget. Just as the venue, food and cake play a role in the party's success, the invitations will make the first impression and set the tone for the celebration. Use creative and catchy wording to reflect your bridal shower theme.

Adventurous Bridal Shower

A daredevil bride-to-be will never forget a bridal shower where she and her closest friends participate in an adventurous activity together. Begin the invitations with "Before she takes the final plunge, join (guest of honor) for a scuba diving bridal shower!" Or, start the document off with "(guest of honor) has fallen in love. Her next adventure is to fall from a plane! Join us for her skydiving (or bungee jumping) bridal shower!"

Sports-Themed Bridal Shower

A future bride who's a sports fan will appreciate a bridal shower featuring the colors of her favorite team and the tailgating snacks she likes best. For a basketball-themed invite, begin the document with "Come be a part of (guest of honor)'s team at her basketball bridal shower. RSVP before the wedding buzzer sounds!" Football-themed invites should start with "(guest of honor)" made a touchdown! Before she gets the championship ring, join us for a sporty bridal shower!"

Outdoor Bridal Shower

Choose invitations in the shape of trees or seashells to invite guests to a picnic or beach-themed bridal shower. At the top of the invitation, write the words "Enjoy some sand and sun with (guest of honor) as she visits the beach for the last time as a single woman!" Or, "Bring one of (guest of honor)'s favorite foods to the bridal shower picnic so we can "dish" about her wedding day!" If the bride-to-be wants to engage in an outdoor activity for her bridal shower, start the invitation with "Help get (guest of honor) in shape for her walk down the aisle by joining us with a bridal shower hike at (name of park).

Spa Bridal Shower

If the guest of honor loves to be pampered, and could really use a bridal shower that helps her to relax and take a break from stressful wedding planning, a shower with a spa theme is ideal. Begin the invitations with something like "The bride deserves to be waited on hand and foot -- and so do you! Join us for (guest of honor)'s mani/ pedi bridal shower!" Or, start the invites with "(guest of honor) wants you to look and feel your best for her wedding! The massage therapists and makeup artists will meet you at the shower!"

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