Wording for an Under the Sea Themed Baby Shower

by Emma Rensch

A baby shower with an under the sea theme is a creative way to celebrate a friend's entry into a new stage of life. Cleverly worded invitations ensure that guests understand the theme, while ideally pulling in a high number of RSVPs as a result of your creative efforts and personal touch. Write your cards around a clever catchphrase that implies the reason for the celebration as well as the theme, and list details within.

A'Boy, Mateys!

If you know that the mother for whom you are throwing a party is expecting a boy, a card centered on this title is a clever way to inform guests of the child's gender while indicating the shower's ocean theme. You may write the rest of the card in pirate-speak or include pirate and ocean icons and artwork. If you do not know the gender of the child or if it is a girl, replace "a'boy" with "ahoy." If the mother-to-be has a gift registry, you can expand this theme by asking guests to "plunder [insert store name] fer gold and jewels (or strollers and cribs) to bring to the party."

[Insert name] and her First Mate are Expecting!

This phrase references the fact that your friend and her partner are having a baby while invoking a nautical theme. Decorate the invitation with ships or water-themed art and stickers. To get really creative, draw in the details for the baby shower as if they were etchings on the hull of a ship.

Mermaid Shower

Invite guests to attend the baby shower dressed as mermaids and mermen, or simply use a mermaid theme in your invitations to communicate the underwater theme of the shower along with the details of its time and location, and what guests should bring. List information in bubble letters along with mermaid and sea floor-themed artwork.

Welcome [insert couple's names] Little Guppy

Invoke an under the sea theme and creatively reference your friends' new baby with a card centered on the phrase "Welcome Dana and Tom's Little Guppy." Draw baby sea creatures in cribs or holding pacifiers to connect the theme with the event. This card is likely to appeal to guests and encourage them to attend the baby shower, because it communicates the theme with imagery that many will consider an adorable way to announce that your friends are expecting a baby.


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