Wording for Three Year Old Party Invitation

by Tamiya King, Demand Media

    Your little one is turning three! To let all your friends and loved ones know about your child's birthday, create an invitation with witty or themed wording to help guests remember the party details. Or, focus on your little one's age to compose an invitation introduction that is fun for guests to read, and adds to the attractiveness of the invite.

    Circus Invitations

    If your child's party has a Three Ring Circus theme, create a circus-themed invitation and draw rings on the invitation paper for each section of information. For instance, include the words, "Come one, come all" in the first ring. Write the words, "to the biggest event of the year" in the second ring, and use the third ring to scribe, "It's (child's name) birthday!" Underneath the rings, include the party's date, time, and location, and use stickers of circus animals like elephants and lions.

    Cheerleader Invitations

    If your toddler girl loves cheerleaders, a third birthday invitation with the Three Cheers theme can be colorful and entertaining. Purchase invitations in the shape of a cheerleader with pompoms, or purchase a stencil to make the invites yourself. Begin the invitation with wording like, "(Child's name) is turning three! Hip Hip Hooray!" or "Three Cheers for (Child's name)'s birthday!" Write the rest of the party details on the invite, then spray it with glitter.

    Name-Specific Invitations

    Now that your toddler is starting to recognize his name on paper, create a third birthday invitation featuring his initial. For instance, use large alphabet stickers to tell guests about the Cool Cupcakes and Crafts for Caden's birthday celebration. Or, purchase invitations shaped like baby blocks, and let your little one adorn the block with the stickers that spell his name before you turn the invite over to write the party details.

    Rhyming Invitations

    Add a short rhyming phrase at the beginning of the invitation to make your child's third birthday invitation upbeat and catchy. For instance, use your child's picture as the invitation backdrop and type the words, "Come sing and dance and party with me. It's my special day--I'm turning three!" before typing the party specifications. Use your child's favorite color of invitation paper to attach the picture to before sending the invites to guests.

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