Wording for Tailgate Party Invitations

by Lori Wallace-Roberts

The fall season brings with it the fanfare and hoopla of college and professional football. During this time, tailgating often becomes a weekend staple for many folks. If you're hosting a tailgate party, use interesting and specific words on your invitations to get your guests to the pre-game party in time for the big event. Creating just the right party invitation doesn't have to be a difficult, time-consuming endeavor, even for a non-traditional gathering.

Body Text

Write a humorous and catchy saying to grab your guests attention. Use wording specific to the event to covey a personal touch. For example, "Fall is upon us, Football is here, Guess what? It's tailgating time of year." Another specific example of wording for a tailgate party is, "Join in the fun, Tailgate with the Clan, Dress yourself up, And be a good of fan." Insert your own team's name in the following example, "Meet us in the parking lot, Before kickoff time, We'll have fun and be merry, Before our (insert team name) beat some behind." Create your own text so it will stand out from standard invitations.


List the address and exact location of the event on your invitation. For tailgate gatherings being held in a stadium parking lot, indicate the location of the lot you'll be in and even in which space you can be found. An example would be, "parking lot C, parking space 118." For guests not familiar with the area, include a map or drawing of the area so they can find the party quickly. If you don't know exactly where you'll be, explain on the invitation how guest should find you.

Time and Date

Include the time the tailgate party will begin so your guests will know what time to arrive. If you want your event to end at a specific time, be sure to include that information as well. Choose to omit the ending time if you want the party to continue until the last guest has left. Provide the date of the party, along with the actual day it's being held. It's not as easy for guests to mix up the date if they know the event will take place on a Saturday and not a Sunday.

Miscellaneous Items

List a phone number for guests to RSVP, so you'll have a good idea of the number of people attending and know how much food to have on hand. If you require guests to bring a dish to the event, include that information on your invitation as well. Ask guests to wear specific colors or apparel to support their favorite team.

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