Wording for a Sports-Themed Baby Shower Invitation

by Erin Schreiner Google

When Danica Patrick hit the car-racing scene, the name Danica climbed nearly 50 places on the list of popular baby names, according to the Social Security Administration. The sports culture even has permeated pregnancy and childbirth. If you are hosting a baby shower and the expectant parents live and breathe sports, then think no further for a theme. When preparing your invitations, select wording that will let all guests know about the sports-themed baby bash they are about to attend.

Welcoming a New Member of The Team

Ask guests to join you and the parents in "Welcoming a new member of the team" at your event. After starting your invitation in this manner, continue on with a playful description of what position the new arrival will fill. For example, you could say, "Playing shortstop will be Baby Jones, " a reference to the new infant's diminutive stature. Instead of writing the standard "When" for date, place the heading "Dress Him in His Uniform," following it with the date and time. In place of "Where" put the notation "Stadium," followed by the site of your planned baby shower.

Little Slugger on the Way

For a baseball-themed bash, reference the baby as a "little slugger" to conjure up a cute image of a tiny new batter. To further integrate this baseball theme into your invitation, create an invite that looks like a baseball card, placing your family name, for example "Team Jones," in place of where a team name would go on a baseball card.

All-Star Arrival

While only time will tell how athletically skilled the new arrival will be, she will certainly be an all star in the eyes of her eager-to-meet-her parents. Use the phrase "All-Star Arrival" as the heading of your invitation. To carry on with this all-star theme, use stars in the hues of the parents' favorite team to create a border around the invitation as a whole.

Drafting a New Family Member

For many sports fans, the player-selection draft is a time of great excitement. Capture this same excitement by starting off your invitation with the announcement that the family in question has "Drafted a new member." To continue this theme, refer to the new arrival as a "first-round draft pick" or "free agent," giving your invitation the feel of a draft-time announcement.

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