Wording for a Pantry Shower Invitation

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    Various kinds of showers provide gifts for a couple on their way to the altar. Bridal shower hosts choose types of showers that vary from personal showers that include lingerie gifts to general-themed showers that invite a variety of gifts. A pantry shower, sometimes called a pounding, because people gave pounds of this or that staple, provides kitchen staples and gifts for a new couple just starting out.

    Recipe Theme

    Invite your guests to share their favorite recipes and kitchen tips with the bride, along with items she will need for the recipes or tips. For example, "It takes a mixture of love, patience, kindness and understanding to create a healthy marriage. Bring your favorite husband-pleasing recipe and a couple items listed to stock the pantry for Janet and Steve." Alternatively, "Variety is the spice of life. Bring spices and staples to flavor the home of Carla and Mike and your favorite kitchen tips for bringing variety to the table and the relationship."

    Themed Kitchen Ideas

    Themed kitchen showers provide a little information to direct the guest toward the needed items. For example, "Mary loves cows and Jake loves to eat them. Come join the fun as we stock the pantry, freezer, and kitchen with a plethora of cow-friendly gifts." Another option is invites guests to "Surprise Denise with a country kitchen pantry shower. From biscuits to eggs and grits or your best canned produce, let's make sure these country darlings know that a country kitchen is rich in love and friendship, as well as food."

    Kitchen Thingamajigs and Doohickeys

    Most modern kitchens include a variety of gadgets to make life simpler. Share your favorite kitchen thingamajigs with the bride. Wording includes "The cabinets and the cupboards wait to be filled with all manner of time-saving devices and tasty options. Bring some items you can't live without and share your love with Brad and Anne." Alternatively, "A man's gadgets are in the workshop or next to his favorite chair. A woman's gadgets make her kitchen a place most fair. Penny's kitchen stands empty so let's fill it up right. Come stock Penny's kitchen on Tuesday night."

    Perfectly Practical

    Sometimes family or friends will join together to purchase a large gift and then some give a smaller complementary item as well. "We're collecting to get Bill and Jane a freezer. Join us as we stock it with something more than a teaser." Alternatively, "Carrie's pretty little kitchen now has a stove that's sublime. Let's stock the larder with the makings of meals that are fine!"

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