Wording for a Moving Away Party

by Andrea M. Zander

If you have a reason to move, you may have a reason to throw a party. Moving parties are different from housewarming parties because they are about saying goodbye to neighbors and neighborhoods, friends and co-workers and to the place where you have spent part of your life. How do you put that into an invitation? You'll need to cover some basic information and then decide what kind of party to'll throw and what the guests need to know.

General Information

Your party invitation should include certain basic information. Date and location are key, whether you hold it at the home you will be leaving or somewhere else. Mention at least a start time. You can leave out an end time or keep it vague ("1 until 4ish" or "7 until ?"). You can include your new contact information - address and telephone number. And don't forget to mention the reason for the party.


Those you invite may already know why you are moving. But you can state or allude to your reasons in the invitation, too. Perhaps you have a new job out of state; you need a larger or smaller home; you're moving from an apartment to a house or vice versa; you're going away to school or retiring and heading south. Whatever the cause, you can incorporate it into the invitation.

Packing Party

If you are not using a moving service, consider making your moving party one that asks guests to help pack your belongings into boxes or pack those boxes into a moving van. Realize that because you are asking for help and some of it may be heavy work, not everyone will want to attend. Make sure the invitation clearly states that this is a working party and that you will provide some kind of compensation, even if it's food and beverages.

Sale Prep Party

Real estate agents often recommend sprucing up your house before selling it, which can mean anything from a good cleaning to painting and repairs. This is the opportunity for another kind of working party, and, like the packing party, the work expected and the rewards for helping should be mentioned in your invitation. Unless people have volunteered their equipment, you need to provide whatever will be needed to get the jobs done.

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