Wording for Motorcycle Birthday Invitations

by Filonia LeChat
Invite others to hit your road with motorcycle-themed birthday invitations.

Invite others to hit your road with motorcycle-themed birthday invitations.

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Hitting the open road, enjoying the feeling of the wind unencumbered by the doors and roof of a car and exploring new parts of the world on two wheels can be an unmatchable way to travel, but it can also get lonely. Invite other motorcycle enthusiasts to gather around for the next birthday event. But to capture biker interest, you can't just use regular generic invitations. Start the biker blowout right in the mailbox by wording the party invitations with language that goes from zero to 120 in less than 10 seconds.

Speak Your Own Language

Code the birthday invitation in a language unique among bikers. Use slang terms such as "Don't be the back door when R.S.V.P.ing" to indicate people should hurry and not be last to send their acceptances and encourage guests to "crack it" -- get revved up for the event. Another option is to write the invitation entirely in slang but include a small piece of paper translating it for invitees not entirely up on their biker lingo. After all, you wouldn't want guests "eating asphalt" or crashing before they can even respond.

Live to Ride

One motorcycle manufacturer may have coined the term, "Ride to Live, Live to Ride," but the slogan has been adopted by hog riders worldwide. The hair metal group Twisted Sister even wrote a song titled with the phrase in honor of their biker fans. Use the idea of living to ride and riding to live in your birthday party invitation to hit Honda, Harley and all the bike lovers in between. Open the invitation with wording such as "If you live to ride, ride over to Max's birthday" or "Herman's gonna live to ride another year, so celebrate with us!"

Silver Screen

Put the focus on the famous bikes of the big screen by using some of the bike-starring movie titles in your invitation. For example, try wording such as "You'll be an Easy Rider when you join us for the Triumph of an event this coming July 9. It's really going to be Judgment Day when all our Wild Ones and Wild Hogs gather around for Shelley's 50th. Sure, Tomorrow Never Dies, but do you want to be the only one in the club who wasn't Top Gun at the party? R.S.V.P. today!"

Biker Brains

Get guests' brainpower revved up by including motorcycle trivia on the birthday invitation. Along with the usual party details such as where, when and who, cram the invitation card full of factoids such as the first bike on the road, longest bike journey, celebrity bikers and more. Find free online trivia websites (see Resources) to provide you the "mileage" for your invitation quiz questions. Don't include the answers -- let guests know you'll have them ready as party favors for those who attend the big event.

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