The Wording for Monkey-Themed Birthday Invitations to Kids

by Leslie Kasperowicz

Kids love monkeys, and parents often compare them to tree-swinging primates, so what better party theme than a monkey one? You can bring the monkey theme into your invitation wording in a number of clever ways. From the monkeying around to going bananas, plenty of expressions are coined around the jungle-dwelling creatures that will fit right into your invitation.

Monkey Jungle

For a general monkey theme to your invitations, invite your guests to monkey around in the jungle with you. Try wording like "It's a jungle out there, so come monkey around with us!" Alternatively, you can try something like "Our little monkey is turning 5! Join us for a jumping jungle party!"

Swinging on Through

Monkeys are well known for their swinging ways, and you have many ways to incorporate this into your invitation wording. Here are a few ideas you can work with: "Grab a vine and swing on by for cake and candles at Jonny's birthday bash" or "Our little monkey is turning 5, so let's have a swinging good time!"

Going Bananas

Bananas and monkeys are hard to separate, and also an ideal way to bring the theme to the invitation. Choose something like "We're going bananas because our little monkey is turning 4!" Another clever way to work in the banana theme is to invite guests to "BYOB: Bring Your Own Bananas! Our monkey is having a birthday!"

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Put together a rhyming monkey-themed invitation using a well-known phrase: "Monkey see, monkey do, little Jonny is turning 2!" Similarly, this could be changed to read, "Monkey see, monkey do, we can't have a party without you!"

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