Wording Messages in Wedding Invitation

by Kimberly Dyke

Planning a wedding is certainly an overwhelming task, but writing the wording for your invitation does not need to be stressful. Follow a basic guideline to compose your invitation wording, and add your own personal style and touch to make it reflect your special relationship. Avoid offending either set of parents by ensuring that everyone receives proper identification on the invitation in some fashion.


Begin the invitation wording by acknowledging the wedding hosts. For example, write "Mr. and Mrs. James E. Grant request the honor of your presence," when both of the bride's parents are hosting the wedding. If the groom's parents are also hosting the wedding, write out both sets of names, such as, "Mr. and Mrs. James E. Grant and Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Scott request the honor of your presence." In other words, whoever is paying for the wedding, needs to receive credit at the onset of the invitation.

Name the Bride and Groom

Continue the wording by naming the bride and groom. Follow the phrase, "of your presence" with "at the marriage of their daughter, Samantha Ann to Michael Christopher Scott." Write only the bride's first and middle name if her parents are hosting, but write her full name if the groom's parents are hosting as well. If only the bride's parents are hosting the wedding, ensure to mention the groom's parents after his name. For example, you can write, "Michael Christopher Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Scott."

Time and Place

Include the exact time and place of the ceremony in the next line. For example, write "Friday, the 21st of September at 6 o'clock in the evening, Glassy Cliffs Chapel, Green Haven, Minnesota."

Reception Note

Finish the wedding invitation with a note about the wedding reception, including the kind of reception that will take place. Write, "Dinner and dancing reception to follow," or, "Dessert reception in the Fellowship Hall." A separate reception RSVP card will accompany your invitation with further details.

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