Wording for Masquerade Invitations

by Jagg Xaxx
Lure your guests to your masquerade party with creative invitations.

Lure your guests to your masquerade party with creative invitations.

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The wording of an invitation to a party sets the tone for what the party will be like. Take some time on your wording to create an invitation that will grab people's attention and make them want to attend your party. Give them a sense of what types of costumes are expected. Read the invitation out loud to give yourself a sense of how it will sound in readers' heads.


Formal invitations may be most appropriate if you are sending out the invitation to large numbers of people or to people whom you don't know very well. "Vanessa Cranston would like the pleasure of your company at her masquerade party to celebrate her graduation from high school. Guests are requested to arrive wearing costumes that conceal their faces. We will be playing a game that involves guessing people's identities. Prizes will be awarded. RSVP."


If you're hoping to attract a zany crowd for a wild party, send them a funny invitation that will get them laughing. "Zack Williamson's cat had kittens! It's time for a party! Come dressed as your favorite animal and we'll all have a rollicking time getting to know the new kittens. People who come dressed as the same species will be required to pair off for the evening. Bring your feral friends!"


You're asking people to dress up in strange ways and go out in public, so why not set the tone by sending them a bizarre missive as an invitation. The more incomprehensible it is, the more you're likely to attract the right people to your party. "Stardate 8453408. Gathering of Intergalactic Androids requested. Earthbound lifeforms allowed, we always need something more to eat. Energize interactivity ions beginning 1700 hours February 19. Do not -- repeat, do not -- be recognizable. Response requested. Bring alcohol sugar and pollen."


Masquerade parties often happen at Halloween, the traditional time for attempting to scare the pants off each other. It's hard to scare someone with a piece of paper but you can give it a try. It will at the least let guests know what effect you're striving for. "Help me. The undead are holding me. I can smell their rotting bones. Come to my house at midnight on October 31. Help me to escape. Or DIE."

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