Wording for a Karaoke 50th Birthday Party

by Kristin Jennifer

For party invitations, wording is key. The wording on an invitation entices the invitees to come and sets their expectations for a good time. Wording for a karaoke 50th birthday party can cleverly play on the lyrics of hits popular at the time of the party or simply invite partygoers to a rockin' birthday bash.

Catchy Headline

Grip the invitees' attention with an electric headline. For a party of all ages, use generic headlines such as "It's a rock 'n' roll karaoke birthday!" For specific groups of people, consider your audience. Entice invitees with an inside joke or a call to party like rock stars. Use word play to remind invitees of hits from the birthday boy's youth.

Describe the Party

Explain who the party is for and why the party is being held. If Jane is turning 50, explain that her milestone birthday is a reason to sing anything but the blues. Joe's 50th birthday is a reason to sing "pop, pop music." Identify who is invited. Use terms like "let's" and "join us" to welcome close friends and family.


The wording for the location need only be straightforward -- simply the name of the location, such a "Sam's Pub" or "Missy's House," plus the address. The location can be identified with "Location" followed by a semicolon preceding the name of the location.


Like location, statement of time is straightforward, without flourish. Simply use the word "Time," followed by a semicolon, preceding the time of day or night.


Add directions to RSVP or bring beverages, food or gifts at the bottom of the invitation. Wording for these directions can be plain in tone or funny, such as "RSVP to Jim at 555-9436" or "RSVP or miss out on the best 50th birthday party all year!"

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