Wording for Invitations to a Shower with a Group Gift

by Shannon Lee
Purchasing a group gift is convenient, but the invitation wording must be appropriate.

Purchasing a group gift is convenient, but the invitation wording must be appropriate.

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Inviting guests to any type of shower where the honoree's gift will be from the group is a delicate matter. Deciding on the amount of the contribution per person is tricky, as it is likely economic situations differ between guests. With some careful planning, you can word your invitation so that your guests feel welcome and not obligated to contribute an amount they cannot afford. Alternatively, you may choose an electronic option that does all the work for you.

Humorous Invitations

Humorous invitations work well if the bride or mother-to-be is a fun-loving, outgoing person herself. Humorous wording for an invitation to a shower where the gift is from the group is perhaps the easiest type of wording; humor tends to dissolve any feelings of pretension. Ask a joke question on the outside of the invitation with the answer on the inside. Follow the answer with party details and a small line indicating that a collection will be taken up. Make the wording funny or sarcastic; write something such as, "We all know showers are about the gifts -- save the trouble of shopping and contribute to the group gift."

Formal Invitations

A formal shower invitation requires proper tasteful wording, particularly when it comes to the matter of group gifts. Whether the hostess of the baby shower is purchasing one large item or multiple small items from a registry or wish list, a contribution toward a group gift should always be worded as an option and not a requirement on a formal invitation. Consider including a note like, "If you wish to contribute to a group gift, please contact Mary Jane" below the basic shower information. This leaves guests the option of contributing to the group gift or purchasing their own.

Poem Invitations

Poetic invitations are always a hit because of their whimsical feel. The best option when wording a shower invitation with a group gift is to provide the basic information (time, date, location) in point form and then include the gift details in poem form along with a tidbit about the bride or mother-to-be. A great poem would be: "Mary's little girl is on the way, let's outfit her for the big day. Contribute to the gift with cash, and we'll get Mary a great big stash!" A poem like this, which is both cute and to the point, lets guests know that you plan on buying something or multiple things that the honoree wants or needs.

Casual Invitations

Casual invitations are fit for a bridal or baby shower that will be held in a relaxed atmosphere without many planned activities. When sending the invitation, consider e-mailing it and keep the wording casual. Mention that the bride or mother-to-be has her eye on a certain big-ticket item and that you, the hostess, will be collecting funds from each guest toward the gift. Leave the amount open; perhaps write "contributions of any amount are welcome" at the bottom of the invitation and leave it at that.

Online Invitations

Online invitations are on the rise, thanks to sites like Punchbowl, which allow the hostess to send invitations to all guests and then allow guests to monitor who's attending, as well as contribute to the party's message board. When emailing an invitation, consider keeping the group gift contribution online, as well. Sites likes eDivvy allow you to choose a group gift or gifts from a variety of online retailers and then send a suggestion for a group donation to all invitees.

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