Wording for Invitations for a Luncheon With Friends

by Erin Schreiner Google

Gathering with friends and sharing food and a few laughs is an enjoyable noon-time diversion. While some arrange luncheons with simple phone calls, others elect to send more formal invitations, adding a sense of occasion to their affair and making the invited guests feel a bit more special when they receive the invitations.

Join Me

Luncheons are all about togetherness, and including the phrase "join me" in your luncheon invitation reflects this. Follow your "join me," command with an phrase indicating what type of luncheon the individuals can expect should they take you up on your invitation. For example, when composing your invitation, ask guests to "join me for fun in the sun," if planning an outdoor luncheon, or "join in the celebration of..." a particular event if you are arranging your luncheon as a way of celebrating an exciting event or celebrating a major life milestone.

Friends, Food and Fun

Luncheons are all about the three F's: friends, food and fun. Make this apparent by placing this trio of words prominently atop your invitation. Reflect this invitation theme with pictures as well, placing some pictures of you and your invited guests together as a group, reflecting the word "friends," dining on some munchies, reflecting the "food" and doing something enjoyable, reflecting "fun." With the addition of these images. the invitation will likely prove enticing to potential partygoers.

Gaggle of Girls

If your luncheon will be a girls' only affair, announce this ladies' day out by inviting your guests to have fun with a "gaggle of girls." This alliterative phrase attached to your invitation will likely prove engaging and get potential guests excited about the prospect of spending time bonding with their best girlfriends.

Tasty Treats Await

Make the food the focus of your luncheon, enticing your guests with the promise of tasty treats that are too tempting to avoid. Tell your guests that "tasty treats await" should they take up the invitation and attend the event. To keep this food-theme going throughout your invitation, include a detailed menu in which you outline the components of each dish and make your guests' mouths water to the point where turning down your invitation would prove impossible.

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