Wording Ideas for 1st Birthday Luau Invitations

by Candice Coleman
Remember the atmosphere you want to create when writing birthday invitations.

Remember the atmosphere you want to create when writing birthday invitations.

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In Hawaii, a luau is the traditional way to celebrate a child's first birthday. While the day's menu and festivities may be planned out, invitations can sometimes require a little more creativity and ingenuity. Consider the amount of writing space you have in your chosen invitations before choosing what to write.


If you want the luau birthday party to convey a playful or carefree mood, write your birthday invitations in a similar way. Avoid putting lengthy poems into the invitation, which may make it difficult for guests to pick out the necessary information. A sample poem might read, "Come for Lily's first luau at the corner of Warren and Hertz/ be there at 1 p.m. on June 1 wearing your grass skirts/ We will have games, bonfires, music and food / Call us at home by May 15 to R.S.V.P. if you're in the mood!"

Brief Wording

Make the invitations brief and to the point by considering the highlights of the party. Your wording may read, "Come help us celebrate Angelica's first birthday Hawaiian style!" or, "Let's have a luau! John is turning one!" Also consider elements of Hawaiian culture in your invitation, such as writing, "Aloha! Get out your guitars and ukeleles for Karen's first luau!"

Menu and Entertainment

Start off your invitation by informing guests about the food and entertainment available at the party. Invitations might read, "Kalua pig, pineapple, and papaya ... with food like that, how could you pass up Aaron's birthday?" or, "At Lucy's first birthday party, we'll be hearing lots of Hawaiian music and learning how to do the hula dance. We would love to have you join us for this special occasion!"

Essential Information

No matter the mood you wish to convey in the birthday invitation, you should include the address where the birthday party is to be held, contact information -- such as a phone number or email address -- and the time and date of the birthday party. You can also include other information, such as appropriate dress for the party or whether guests should bring anything, such as games. If party members will spend significant time outdoors or swimming, you may want to urge them to bring sunscreen and a bathing suit and towel.

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