Wording for Fantasy Wedding Invitations

by Shae Hazelton

A fantasy-themed wedding can make your wedding day seem like something out of a fairytale. Carry your fantasy into all parts of the wedding preparation, including the wording on the wedding invitations. Incorporating your fantasy theme into the invitations can help set the mood for your guests and let them join in on your fun.

Use Proper Inflections

You can never be too thorough when it comes to your wedding, so if you plan a fantasy wedding ceremony it might be a good idea to use language inflections that match the theme. For example, fantasy wedding themes that revolve around the renaissance era are ideal candidates for the application of middle modern English. William Shakespeare's work is an ideal reference tool to help acquaint yourself with the intricacies of written middle modern English. Do not go overboard with the middle modern English, though, or your audience may not understand the invitation.

Use Your Theme

A fantasy wedding has a theme you can incorporate into your invitations. Don't be embarrassed to play along with the theme when you write the invitation cards. For example, if your wedding theme is an ancient Celtic ceremony, incorporate specifics about the ceremony in the invitation. Things like, "Join us as we ring the Celtic Wedding Bell to seal our bond." This will help your guests understand the theme of your wedding and prepare to participate.

Notable Quotes

A fantasy theme wedding with a famous theme gives you a variety of wording ideas for your invitation. For example, if your fantasy wedding has a romantic theme from a famous movie, review the movie and choose some romantic quotes to put in your invitation. You can use the quote as a small addition to the invitation to help set the mood, or you can devise a way to include it in the vital wording of the invitation. You can do something romantic like replacing the names from the quote with the names of the bride and groom.

Keep It Functional

Creating an invitation that matches your fantasy theme can be enjoyable, but it is important not to lose sight of function. If you overload your invitations with too much information pertaining solely to the theme, you may run out of room for the essentials. Determine how much room vital information like the time and location of the wedding will take on the invitation cards. Brainstorm ways to incorporate the vital information with the creative flair for your fantasy wedding.

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