Wording for a Fairy Princess Party

by Krista Lee Childers
Ask guests to dress up, or provide princess attire for the children.

Ask guests to dress up, or provide princess attire for the children.

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Your young daughter wants a fairy princess-themed party for her birthday. Build up interest with your guests by using wording that relates to fairy princesses and their world. When your guests look at the invitation or banners at the party, everyone will know exactly what to expect. Use common words, phrases and themes that are associated with fairy princesses.

Outside the Invitation

Start with an attention-grabbing phrase on the cover of the invitation. By using bright colors of pink and purple while using princess wording, you are implying the theme of the party. "A growing princess through and through, she loves gowns, crowns and castles too! So if you're a princess or if you're a prince, this is a royal celebration you won't want to miss!" is a phrase from Perfect Parties by Mail that will catch the attention of your guests. Start with "Once upon a time," and add a short story about the birthday girl. "Our fairy princess Tiffany is turning 10" instantly gets to the point of the party and explains for whom it is being thrown.

Inside the Invitation

Explain the standard who, why, where, when and other details. For "who" and "why," write "Her royal highness, Jenni, requests for all of her royal subjects to join her for her seventh birthday" or "It is a royal event! Fairy princess Catherine is turning 6." For "where," have the location of the party along with the address, such as "The royal celebration will take place at the Smiths' palace located at 24 Walker Ave." Use phrases such as "The carriage awaits to take the royal party to Kid Zone Party Palace" to add to the princess theme. For "when," include statements such as "The celebration of royalty is on Princess Margaret's day of birth, March 3rd, and begins at 1 p.m., ending at 6 p.m." or "It will be a magical night to remember on Aug. 13th from 3 to 6 p.m." Include details such as what kind of food will be served, when presents will be opened and what kinds of games will be played. If you want the children to dress up as princesses, clearly state that "guests should dress in royal attire" or "Fairy wings are desired."


Include an RSVP -- meaning please respond -- card or a number to call in order to let the party organizer know how many people to expect. Include a respond-by date as well, such as "Please respond to the castle staff by Dec. 21st" or "Your attendance is most desired. Will you be joining us?"


Add princess wording to the party by hanging banners or signs around the party area. Place a sign outside to let guests know they are in the correct place. "Princess Hannah lives here" or "You have reached the royal castle" will be obvious markers. For inside the party area, hang a banner that states, "The fairy princess welcomes you" or "Castle Black." Mark the present area with "Gifts for the princess." Mark the food area with "The royal banquet is served" or "Let them eat cake!"

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