Wording for a Double Birthday Party

by Ruth O'Neil
Save some time, money and effort and host two birthday parties at once.

Save some time, money and effort and host two birthday parties at once.

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Planning a birthday party can be fun. Sharing your birthday with a friend and having a huge party can be double the fun. When planning a birthday party for two people at the same time and same place, the invitation can be a little tricky to word, especially since not all of the guests may know both of the birthday people.

Birthday People

Tell people who the birthday party is for. "Come celebrate the birthday of John and Dustin." Another way to word it could be, "Faith and Jessica invite you to their double birthday party." Or, "Double the birthdays, Double the fun." Include last names if desired to further clarify who the party is for if necessary. This is the part of the invitation where you need people to know that this a double birthday party celebration, even if they do not know the other person of the hour.


The location of a party is always an important aspect of the invitation. Hosting a party for two people at the same time makes it doubly important, especially if some of the guests have never been to the location. When hosting a party for two kids, choose the home that has the best location or the home of the child who will have the most guests. State in the invitation, "The party is to be held at one of our birthday boy's homes." Include a map of the directions as well as spell out the directions. Also include phone numbers for both sets of parents of the birthday kids so that all guests can call and get further directions if needed.


Depending on the age of the birthday people, gifts may be unnecessary. If the party is for adults, state at the bottom of the invitation "No gifts please" or "Gifts not necessary." If the party is for children, guests may wonder if they have to buy a gift for both, even if they do not know one of them. Include a handwritten note if you know for sure that the guest does not know the other person that says, "Don't worry about bringing a gift for (the other child). I know you don't know her." Another way to state that would be to say, "Two gifts are not necessary." This tells the guests that they need only buy for the one they know.


When hosting a birthday party for adults at a restaurant, the wording of the invitations can be, "Since we (or state the names of the birthday people) have so many of the same friends, we wanted to get together with as many of you as possible. Come celebrate with us at (name of restaurant)."

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