What Is the Wording for a Coed Baby Shower?

by Kyra Sheahan, Demand Media

    Mommies-to-be aren't the only ones who want to celebrate the upcoming birth of their new baby. While it is customary for baby showers to be thrown in honor of the mommies, some daddies want to get in on the party action, too. Expectant couples may wish to celebrate this joyous occasion together, without excluding the men. When hosting a coed baby shower, it is important to make your invitations clear that the party is open to both genders.

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    Parents' Names

    When hosting a coed baby shower, put both of the parents' names on the invitation. This indicates to invitees that the shower is inclusive of women and men. You might say, "Please join us as we shower Leah and Jack Peterson," or you can phrase it like "Leah and Jack Peterson invite you to celebrate their baby shower." When the baby shower is girls-only, it is customary to just put the mommy-to-be's name on the invitation.


    Indicate on the baby shower invitation that you are inviting the guest and the guest's spouse. For instance, "You and your spouse are invited to attend the baby shower for ... ." This phrasing indicates that men and women are invited to the shower and that couples are encouraged to bring their spouses. You could interchange the word "spouse" with something like partner or significant other. If you already know that the people you are inviting are married or in relationships with others, you could also call this a "couples baby shower" by wording it, "You are invited to a couples baby shower to celebrate the birth of ... ."

    Gender Announcement

    To make your coed invitation wording as obvious as possible, make an announcement at the top of your baby shower invitation that says, "Calling all women and men! You are invited to attend the baby shower for ... ." This is a surefire way to get the message across. Throughout your invitation, keep your language gender-neutral to eliminate any girls-only bias. For instance, if you would normally write, "Ladies, please note that the mommy-to-be is registered at ... ," rephrase it to say, "Please note that the parents-to-be are registered at ... ."


    When you address the invitation envelope for a coed baby shower, be careful to not just address the invitation to the woman. For a traditional baby shower, the invitation would be made out to "Mrs. Jane Smith," but for a coed baby shower, you should write "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." This shows that the invitation is addressed to both of them and that guys are included.

    Jack and Jill

    You can refer to the baby shower as a Jack and Jill shower. It may take guests a minute to figure it out, but they will realize that this is a cute way to suggest a coed baby shower. The wording could be, "Please join us for a Jack and Jill baby shower as Leah and Jack Peterson celebrate the upcoming birth of their new daughter."

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