Wording for Cinco De Mayo Party Invitation

by Genevieve Van Wyden
Don't forget the right wording on your party invitations.

Don't forget the right wording on your party invitations.

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You're planning a Cinco de Mayo party and getting ready to stock up on the margarita mix, lime, tequila, fajitas and taquitos. You're buying the sombreros and a pinata and looking for a mariachi group. While you're doing all this, don't forget the party invitations ---- wording them right can make your party a well-attended and memorable event.

Generic Invitation Wording

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory of the Mexicans over the French at La Puebla, Mexico in 1861. This holiday is not celebrated as much in Mexico as it is in the United States, mainly because Mexico's Independence Day is viewed as more significant to the Mexican people, according to Mexica.net. You want to be able to celebrate the event with family and friends. Once you have decided to have a Cinco de Mayo party, the invitations need to be sent out. Because this is a party with a theme, the invitations should reflect that theme. Wording announcing the party can say, "Come to the fiesta with our family!"

Music, Food and Pinatas

Tie your invitation wording in to the traditional foods served at a Cinco de Mayo fiesta: "Pinatas, mariachis, dining and dancing/queso, tacos, nachos and lots of great food, fun and friends . . ." Think of other traditional Mexican foods, such as taquitos, tostadas, frijoles and arroz. Play around with some of these foods and develop your own invitation wording.

Cinco de Mayo Means Party Time

You want to make you friends and family come to your house so they can have fun celebrating this holiday with you. The wording of your invitation can make or break the party, so choose the right words. Here's a few more wording suggestions for your party invitations: "Taquitos, margaritas and lime . . . That's right, it's fiesta time!" Another invitation wording suggestion: "Grab the sombreros and Mexican wear . . . Head to the border if you dare . . . We'll have plenty of tequila, salt and lime . . . 'Cause it's been declared margarita time!" suggests the Purple Trail website.

Fiestas and Margaritas

A Cinco de Mayo party means mixing up margaritas for you and your friends. Using this theme, look at this wording: "Take a lot of margarita/add a little salt and lime. It's a Cinco de Mayo celebration/and it's bound to be a good time!" Think of some different alcoholic beverages, such as beer ---- cerveza in Spanish ---- and write a verse that fits your own plans.

En Espanol

You don't have to be completely conversant in Spanish to include Spanish wording in your invitation. Just knowing a few critical phrases allows you to write up a Spanish-language invitation for your Cinco de Mayo party: "Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Join us for a Fiesta!" Another invitation might read: "Senoras y Senores, ven a la fiesta del Cinco de Mayo!" (Ladies and gentlemen, come to a Cinco de Mayo party!"

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