Wording for a Camping Party Invitation

by Kimberly Dyke
Plan a camping party in your backyard or a nearby park.

Plan a camping party in your backyard or a nearby park.

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Planning a camping party is a blast for both children and adults. Who does not love a hot dog or marshmallow roasted over a fire, or telling stories by the glow of a flashlight? Create original camping party invitations, buy flashlights and bandannas for each guest, and get ready to enjoy the outdoors.

Catchy Beginning

Start your camping party invitation with a catchy jingle, rhyme or poem. Invitation Consultants suggest something like, "Attention troops! We are going camping for the night to celebrate a birthday that will be out of sight!" An Art Fire example reads, "It's time for adventure in the great outdoors...Please join us for camping, marshmallows and more!" Another rhyme, suggested by Paper So Pretty, is "Grab your hiking boots, sleeping bag and a cozy tent. We'll be sleeping under the stars for this event, so grab your snacks and don't forget the s'mores...we're going to have lots of fun in the great outdoors!" Stick with a camping or outdoorsy theme, or include a clue as to a specific planned activity, like roasting hot dogs.

The Details

Follow the introduction with the party details. List the name of the host or birthday child, the party date and time and the location. For example, write, "Join Ben in celebrating his 12th birthday on May 15th at 5:00 pm in the Glenn's backyard." Include a complete address or a map to the campsite if the party will be held at a local campground or park.

Contact Information

Add contact information to the invitation for RSVPs and any questions that the guests may have. Write down your home and cell phone numbers and email address with a suggested RSVP deadline so you can make plans.

What to Bring

Include a detailed list of what the party guests will need to bring to the camping party. Remember gear such as sleeping bags, tents, pillows and pajamas. Add a note that snuggly bears are always welcome, especially for first-time campers who might get a little nervous at night.

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