Wording for a Bridal Shower Bachelorette Party

by Crystal Huskey

If you have a lot of friends coming from out of town to attend your bridal shower and bachelorette party, you may have considered combining the two. One way to do this is to have your shower in the late afternoon, followed by the bachelorette party later in the evening. If your shower is for close friends only, make it one big event. The wording in your invitations should reflect whichever way you choose to do this.

The Basics

Before you decide on how to word the specifics of your invitations, make sure you include the important facts. Include the name of the bride-to-be, the time, date and place of your event, and who to contact with an RSVP.

The Order

There is no set way to phrase a bridal shower/ bachelorette party invitation. For example, if you want the invitation to sound formal, consider starting off with: "Please join us for a ..." Follow this with the type of party you are hosting. The party is in honor of the bride-to-be, so let the guests know who the party is for next, followed by the date, time and location. Sign off with a simple, "Please RSVP by (date) to (name of person hosting the party)." If you want to use a whimsical or romantic style, lead with a short poem or phrase, or weave poetry throughout the entire invitation.

All-in-One Celebration

While some bride-to-bes have one huge bridal shower, others have two, three or even four, with different sets of friends present. If you plan on having a separate bridal shower with just a few of your best friends, throw it the same night as your bachelorette party. Open the gifts at your favorite restaurant, followed by a night on the town. Not all future brides enjoy wild nights out to celebrate their last days of being single, and may choose to have a low-key combined party at the home of one of their friends. There's nothing wrong with watching chick flicks, opening gifts and drinking a few cosmopolitans out of the public eye with your girlfriends to celebrate your future marriage. Make it clear in your invitation that gifts are expected, followed by a night of celebration. Specify whether the guests are expected to pay for their own snacks, drinks and meals, or if the bride-to-be is covering it.

Consecutive Parties

The bride may want both the bridal shower and the bachelorette party on the same night for the sake of her out-of-town guests. If this is the case, you may want to send out two separate invitations to spare the feelings of people who are not invited to the bachelorette party. For the guests who are invited to both, state your plans for the evening as clearly as possible. For example, if you use formal wording, say, "Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of (bride-to-be) on (date) at (time). The party will be held at (location) followed by a bachelorette party at (time). Please RSVP fore one or both by (date) to (name of host)." If everyone is invited to both parties, end the invitation with something along the lines of, "Join us for (bride-to-be's name) bachelorette party, if you dare!"

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