Wording for a Backyardigans Birthday Invitation

by Kara Bietz

"The Backyardigans" is an animated preschool television show that features five brightly-colored animal children who go on adventures in their own backyards, relying on their imaginations to transform their yards into vivid landscapes. The 30-minute show appeals to preschoolers and elementary age children. Although the friends often have to solve problems in order to return to their backyards safely, the show always ends just in time for the five friends to gather together to have a snack. The show provides a great theme for hosting an outdoor party for children.


Uniqua is a pink girl character on the Backyardigans. She is the only character on the show that does not resemble any particular animal, hence the name Uniqua. For an invitation featuring this pink character with the polka dotted overalls, try this wording: "Uniqua invites you to explore her backyard world for Sarah's 5th Birthday Party!" The party can consist of a backyard safari game or a secret agent game. Use your imagination or base the theme on a popular episode of "The Backyardigans."


Pablo is a yellow and blue penguin who is often dressed in a bow-tie and a propeller hat. Pablo is generally the idea generator on the show, and tends to be excitable and always on the go. For party invitation wording featuring Pablo, try the following: "Hike through the forest and swim the blue sea, come to Parker's backyard for his party!" On the inside of the invitation, list any relevant party information the guests may need such as the address of the party and a phone number for guests to RSVP.


Tyrone is a red and orange moose who has a tendency to be a little bit more shy than his Backyardigans counterparts. Often fearful and cautious, Tyrone is Pablo's best friend. If you choose to make a birthday party invitation featuring Tyrone, try this simple wording on the outside of the card: "Join us for Chase's 7th Birthday and see what's in store. Adventures, exploring and so much more!"


Tasha is a bright yellow hippopotamus who tends to be more of a girly girl than her best friend, Uniqua. She wears a flowered dress and is often the leader of the pack as the friends participate in their adventures. If you would like to make a Tasha-inspired invitation for your child's birthday party, try the following wording: "A birthday adventure, doesn't that sound great? Jillian is turning 4, it's time to celebrate!"

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