Wording for Baby Shower Wishes

by Adrienne Davis

When adding a personal note to your baby shower card, you'll want to include your best wishes and congratulations. Newborn babies evoke such feelings of hope, innocence and new beginnings that you might feel as though you could write pages and pages. On the other hand, if you don't know the mother-to-be very well, you might find it difficult to find the right words for baby wishes that don't seem overly personal.

General Baby Wishes

If you aren't overly sentimental but would like to convey your sincere congratulations, you might consider something like, "May your new addition bring you plenty of love, happiness and joy." Or, "I'm certain your beautiful new baby will bring you more happiness and love than you ever thought possible, congratulations and best wishes."

Tender Baby Poems

Including a sentimental baby poem in your card reflects good wishes and happy thoughts. Something like, "Dimpled cheeks and pudgy toes, day by day you'll watch her grow. Helping her with ABCs, kissing boo-boos on scraped knees." Then add an additional thought like, "Hope you don't have too many scraped knees to kiss. Congratulations and best wishes!"

Wisdom-Infused Wishes

If you yourself are a parent, you probably have a few words of advice that you wish someone had taken the time to give to you when your first baby was born. For example: "Enjoy each and every minute with your adorable new baby. Before you know it, you will be changing orthodontists instead of changing diapers." A wise quotation also works well when handing out parental guidance. All Great Quotes (allgreatquotes.com) references Elizabeth Stone as saying, "Making the decision to have a child -- it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body."

Straight From the Heart

Generic wishes are well-suited and appreciated in most cases, but if you are a close friend or relative of the guest of honor, you probably want to say something more personal in your card. The soon-to-be-mom won't be judging your writing ability or how well the words you choose flow. You can't go wrong if you just say what is in your heart. For instance, how happy you are that the baby she has wanted for so long will soon be here. Or what a wonderful mother you know that she will be and how lucky her precious baby is to have her for a mommy. These kinds of heartfelt wishes are often the most treasured.

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