How to Word a Tinkerbell Birthday Party Invitation

by Emma Rensch

Tinkerbell is a beloved character from the fairy tale Peter Pan. A Tinkerbell-themed party provides many options for creativity and fun for guests and hosts alike. Incorporate a Tinkerbell theme to celebrate a child's birthday, or simply to give your children and their friends an opportunity to play together. A creative invitation is the perfect touch to a well-planned Tinkerbell party.

Items you will need

  • Craft paper
  • Glitter glue
  • Loose glitter
  • Glue
  • Markers
Step 1

Feature a drawing or a pasted image of Tinkerbell in each card. Include all relevant details in a speech bubble over her head. This helps parents understand the theme of the party, and children will feel as if they have been invited by Tinkerbell herself.

Step 2

Print the invitations on a sheet of paper and singe the edges with a candle to make the invitations look like a charred treasure map. Be careful when completing this step and do not let your child do this alone. To expand the Tinkerbell theme, explain in the invitation that guests can dress up as fairies or pirates. Include a treasure map featuring directions to the party's location.

Step 3

Write each guest's name in glitter glue on the paper and allow it to dry. Draw or glue a picture of Tinkerbell nearby. Position her so that it appears she has written each child's name with her wand. Extend the fairy dust concept to the rest of the invitation, gluing loose glitter to each page. Guests will appreciate the personal touch.

Step 4

Use creative hints that suggest the Tinkerbell theme when listing details. For example, instead of writing "refreshments will be served," try "join us and enjoy some fairy cake."

Step 5

Give party instructions and details in a creative way that mirrors the whimsical theme of the party, such as through a poem. For example, if the event is a birthday party, you could write something like "Fairies and pirates gather together, to celebrate the birthday of our pixie Heather. Bring cheerful smiles and presents and things, but please don't forget your eye patches and wings!"


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