Word Scramble Party Games

by Jagg Xaxx
Word scramble games add life to a party.

Word scramble games add life to a party.

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Party games can be used to break the ice at social gatherings. If your friends are writers, readers and lovers of dictionaries, they'll probably be entertained by word scramble games. These games can be found in many different forms, ranging from commercially available board games to games that you can create on the spot in the middle of a party.

Commercial Games

Buy some games at the store before your party so you have a backup in case the games you make up aren't popular. Boggle is a very popular word game consisting of cubes with letters on them that are put into a 4-by-4 grid at random. Players then compete to identify the most words that can be read within the grid. You can also use the letter squares from a Scrabble game to play similar word scramble games.

Paper Games

Give everyone at the party a piece of paper and a pencil and see what games you can come up with. Each person can think of a letter and say it out loud, with everyone writing down each letter as it is spoken. Players then try to make words out of the collection of letters. Another idea is to pick words at random out of books or out of a dictionary, and then scramble them into new words. Find the longest words that you can, as this makes the game more interesting and more fun to play.

Online Games

If you are having a party in a place with Internet access, you can play online word scramble games together. The premise of many of these games is similar to board games and paper games, but because they are online you have access to a vast library of ideas, words and variations. Anagrams are multiple words that can be made with the same letters. Find an anagram website and have fun finding out what phrases people's names can be made into.

Verbal Games

Verbal word scramble games can be played without the help of board games, paper, pencils or the Internet. All you need is your brain. These games are more challenging because you have to use your memory rather than writing things down. Have one person say a long word, then compete to find out who can most quickly put the letters in the word into alphabetical order, make the word into another word or make a sentence using each letter in the word as the first letter of a new word.

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