How to Word the Invites for a Farm-Themed Baby Shower

by Monica Patrick

A farm-themed baby shower leaves the creative "barn door" open for dozens of ideas. Set the tone with a cleverly worded invitation that conveys your farm theme. Cartoon images of playful barnyard animals in front of a red barn make an excellent backdrop for a whimsical message. Give your card a silly headline and a clever inside poem. Your "down on the farm" card will set a casual, country tone for your baby shower.

Items you will need

  • Card
  • Pen or printer
Step 1

Create a cheerful headline on the front top portion of the card. Consider headlines like "A moo-moo here, a cluck-cluck there" or "A Down on the Farm Baby Shower."

Step 2

Open the card and give more details on the left side of the invitation. Add a headline such as "Join Us in Welcoming Baby Madison" or "Join Amy in Preparing Her Nest." Add the time, date and duration of the party, and include the address and phone number for RSVPs. Write a line at the bottom telling guests where the couple is registered.

Step 3

Write a funny poem on the right side of the invite. For example, "Old MacDonald had a farm but the Jackson family is having a baby. Come celebrate their joy with a baby shower."

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