How to Word Invites for a Couples Bridal Shower

by Rebekah Martin
Careful wording is key when inviting both sexes to a bridal shower.

Careful wording is key when inviting both sexes to a bridal shower.

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Couples showers, celebrating both a bride and her groom, have become more common in recent years. With couples waiting longer to get married, many of their friends also are married. Invite both sexes to an evening shower where everyone can relax and have a good time celebrating. When writing the shower invitation, be very clear that women and men are both invited. If it is not stated clearly, tradition may reign and only women may show up.

Step 1

Name the bride and the groom. Tell your guests that the shower will honor both members of the couple: For example, "Please join us as we toast John and Jane Doe at a couples shower celebrating their upcoming marriage."

Step 2

List the location of the shower. Couples showers need not be relegated to someone's home; hold it in a restaurant or bar that will appeal to both men and women. Include a specific address so people can find the party easily. For example, "The shower will be held at the Paradise Bar, 1234 Main St."

Step 3

State the time and date of the shower. Think about holding a couples shower in the evening so guests can come after work. Weekends are also ideal, but consider any college or professional sporting events that may keep couples from attending.

Step 4

Mention the theme of the shower to help guests select gifts. Encourage guests of "Jack and Jill" showers, as co-ed showers are sometimes known, to select gifts that appeal to both the bride and groom. For example, "Bring gifts to outfit every room in their new home during this Jack-and-Jill party." For "Honey-Do" showers, suggest gifts having to do with home improvement or outdoor chores.

Step 5

Include RSVP information at the end of the invitation. Phone numbers or email addresses are common ways to reply to a host: "Please RSVP to Molly Smith at 555-123-4567 or" Include a deadline by which guests must respond if the host needs to make reservations or wants to know well in advance how many guests to expect.

Step 6

Address the invitation to both members of a couple on the guest list. Use first names to emphasize that both men and women are invited to the shower.

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