How to Word Invitations to a Surprise Sweet 16 Party

by Penny Morris

A sweet sixteen birthday is a special milestone for a girl. The sweet sixteen party traditionally marks her passage from a child or young teen to an adult. She will take on new responsibilities such as driving and dating, and she is enjoying her sophomore or junior year of high school. Add the element of surprise to a sweet sixteen party to make it even more memorable. Carefully word the invitations to express the need for secrecy while maintaining a party atmosphere.

Items you will need

  • Invitation cards
  • Printer
  • Rhyming dictionary
Step 1

Consider the target audience. Use short, casual and fun words if the majority of the guests will be the birthday girl's teenage friends. Use a more grown-up tone if the attendees will be primarily family. Set an early mood for the party by accurately gauging your audience.

Step 2

Determine the tone of the party. Would the guest of honor prefer a wild birthday bash with a DJ and dancing? A more formal affair with fancy dresses and a sit-down dinner? Or something in-between? Keep same tone throughout the invitation.

Step 3

Word the invitation in rhyming couplets. "There's no reason to fret/ But be sure to keep the secret!/ Our sweetie's sixteen/ The years passed like a dream/ Come help us celebrate/ Getting together with friends is really great!" Use a rhyming dictionary or browse examples on the internet. Keep the phrasing simple to make rhyming easier.

Step 4

Include the details. Tell guests who the party is for, the date and time of the party, the address, who is hosting and a telephone number to RSVP. Use a phone number that won't be accidentally answered by the birthday girl.

Step 5

Highlight the surprise detail to encourage guests to keep the secret. Print "Shh!" in large letters at the top to announce the theme. Work "secret," secrecy" or "surprise" into the invitation rhyme.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ask the guest of honor's friends for a list of whom to invite.
  • Use the word "surprise" several times to emphasize the importance of secrecy.
  • Don't embarrass the birthday girl. Don't include anything on the invitation she wouldn't say herself.

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