How to Word the Invitations for a Slumber Party for a 10th Birthday

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Include details of anything you'd like guests to bring with them.

Include details of anything you'd like guests to bring with them.

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The invitations you send out to a 10th birthday slumber party are as much a source of information for the parents of your child's guests as they are a way of alerting your kid's friends to the planned festivities. As such, you'll want to make sure you include all the information they'll need to know about the event in clear, straightforward language. Don't try to be too showy and make sure you add all the details your kid's friends' parents will need to get their children to your sleepover.

Step 1

Start your invitation by announcing the occasion. Something along the lines of "Johnny is turning 10 and would like to invite you to a celebratory slumber party on...," finishing with the date.

Step 2

Write about any theme your party will have and add a few words about the different activities you're planning. Mention things like pillow fights, midnight feasts and anything else you've got planned.

Step 3

Include detailed information about when you'd like your child's guests to arrive, what time you'd like their parents to come back in the morning to pick them up and your full address. Also include information on anything you'd like your young guests to bring with them. Pajamas or nightgowns will probably be a must, and you might want to ask parents to bring some bedding if you haven't got enough.

Step 4

Add a warm sign-off at the end of the invitation, something like "We really hope you can make it," and ask parents to RSVP to your e-mail address or phone number.

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