How to Word Invitations for an End-of-Year Kids' Party

by Jeffrey Norman
Use a lighthearted touch when wording an end-of-year party invitation.

Use a lighthearted touch when wording an end-of-year party invitation.

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End-of-year celebrations for children are a festive way to mark the transition from school days to summer vacation. How you word the invitation for an end-of-year party will set the tone for the final event of the academic season. Party planners who use humor and cheer in their invitations can create a positive and fun vibe before the party begins. Remember to make directions and details for the party clear to encourage a successful event.

Step 1

Mention the date and time of the party. Make your wording as clear and specific as possible. If you can, give a time frame to estimate how long the party will last. Spell out the month and the day of the week on which the party will be held to help avoid any confusion with numbers.

Step 2

Use a cheerful, encouraging tone. This party celebrates both the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. Bright adjectives and exclamatory sentences are completely appropriate. Use them liberally.

Step 3

Choose your font and paper carefully. Elegant, classy letter-faces should be avoided in favor of more upbeat and quirky text types; ensure that the font is still legible, however. Be creative in picking your material on which to write the invites. You could compose them on a deflated beach ball or a sandal-shaped cutout, for example, to reference the summery beach days ahead.

Step 4

Determine how parents will be involved in the event. If parents are invited, be sure to include this information in each invitation, using a phrase like "Be sure to invite your parents to the party!" If you need parents to volunteer, ask politely in the invitation and mention who parents can get in touch with to participate. For example, each invite might read: It would be great for parents to volunteer if possible, please! Anyone interested can contact my mother, Ms. Gibson, at our home phone number: (555)555-5555.

Step 5

Decide if you'd like for your guests to bring things for the party. Call the party a potluck if everyone should bring something to share. Mention this in the title of your invite, as follows: End-Of-Year POTLUCK Party! Let's bring yummy things for us all to share!

Step 6

Finally, highlight any special requests, such as particular foods or games, you'd like parents to bring or send with their kids: Games like Twister or Connect Four would be great for this party! Please e-mail or call if you have fun activities like these! Also contact me if you can bring soda, chips, or cookies to help out! Thanks!

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