How to Word Invitations for a Bridal Coffee

by Candice Coleman
Use coffee-related puns in the bridal coffee invitations for a humorous touch.

Use coffee-related puns in the bridal coffee invitations for a humorous touch.

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Bridal showers typically have themes, and a coffee-inspired theme can mean decorating your chosen venue with coffee cups, empty coffee canisters filled with flowers as centerpieces and an assortment of coffee beverages. Consider the tone you wish to convey in your invitation to the bridal coffee, including pertinent information such as the time and date of the event. Include maps or other helpful information in the invitations for guests who may not be from the area.

Simple Invitation Ideas

Step 1

Decide on the theme you would like for your bridal coffee. A bridal coffee can be an elegant event or a small, casual party. The theme of the bridal coffee can dictate the appropriate wording for the event's invitations.

Step 2

Create a poetry invitation for your bridal coffee to create a humorous, simple invitation. An example of an invitation might read, "The bride-to-be needs some caffeine / At 1 P.M. on June 30 in Salene/ It's a bridal coffee for family and friends/ Be sure to come to 545 Williams before the party ends!"

Step 3

Word the invitation in an elegant way if you are hosting a formal bridal coffee. Sample invitations might read, "In honor of Ms. Katherine Black's upcoming nuptials, we cordially invite you to a bridal coffee in her honor at noon on the fifth of May in her family's home, 755 Smith Boulevard, in Atlanta. Please call Andrea Black at 555 - 555 - 5555 to R.S.V.P."

Step 4

Acknowledge the events at the bridal coffee, if desired, in your invitation. Write an invitation similar to, "Enjoy a coffee-themed party with favors, games and fresh-brewed cups of joe in honor of Lucy's upcoming wedding. We would love to have your presence at Lucy's bridal coffee on December 31 at noon. We will convene at John's Coffeehouse in Salt Lake City. Call Aaron at 555 - 121 - 2121 to R.S.V.P."

Tips & Warnings

  • Double-check all times, dates, locations and other pertinent information before sending out bridal coffee invitations.
  • Indicate in invitations if guests are expected to contribute something to the theme, such as bringing some of their favorite types of coffee.

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