How to Word an Invitation for a Reception With a Dutch Option

by Tiffany Raiford

A reception with a Dutch treat is considered a non-invitation as you technically are not hosting an event if your guests are paying for it themselves. Dutch treat is what it is called when you pay your own bill at a meal rather than allowing someone else to pay on your behalf. Wording an invitation with a Dutch option should be done appropriately to prevent your guests from becoming confused, irritated or angry when they arrive at your reception only to find out that they must pay for themselves.

Step 1

Word your invitation politely and appropriately for a Dutch treat reception. Use a format similar to the following: Jane and John Doe cordially invite you to Celebrate their 25th wedding reception At a Dutch treat dinner On "Date" At "Time" At "Name of restaurant or reception hall"

Step 2

List the address of the restaurant or reception hall for your guests. Not only do your guests need to know where to go, they may also want to look up the restaurant or hall on the Internet to see menu options and prices.

Step 3

Add the price per person to your invitation, if it is a flat rate, or include a copy of the menu to give guests an idea of what type of food is available and how much it will cost.

Step 4

Place a notation on your invitation telling your guests not to bring gifts. Asking your guests to pay for their own meals and bring a gift is considered a major faux pas.

Step 5

Cite a date by which guests must RSVP and include your phone number, email address or a response card to make it easier for them to do so.

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