How to Word an Invitation for a Pirate Party for Girls

by Lane Cummings
Pirate parties allow girls to indulge in a sense of adventure.

Pirate parties allow girls to indulge in a sense of adventure.

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Pirates have appeared throughout children's literature as daring renegades, from "Peter Pan" to "Treasure Island." Pirate parties give kids a chance to indulge their imaginations and have creative adventures. While female pirates are decidedly few and far between, there's no reason why girls can't have a pirate-themed party. If you're creating your own invitations for a pirate-themed party just for girls, your wording needs to get girls excited about the event and give them a taste of what to expect.

Items you will need

  • Computer with invitation template or paper invitations
  • Pencil
  • Fine-tipped pen
Step 1

Type or write a greeting for the recipients of the invitation in standard pirate lingo. For example, the phrase "Ahoy, me hearties!" is appropriate; it means "Hello, my friends!" Alternatively, because it's a party for girls, you could write "Ahoy, me lassies!," which means "Hello, my girls!"

Step 2

Write or type a sentence that personalizes the invitation to an audience of girls and encourages them to embrace their inner pirate. For example, "Leave ye skirts and bows at home, and pick up ye sword for a swashbuckling good time."

Step 3

Use pirate lingo to indicate that you're inviting the recipient to a party. For example you could write, "X marks the spot, so come find the treasure (and some laughs) at Marisa's birthday party" or "We have a map to a treasure chest, so come wearing your pirate best. We'll use the map to find the way, to treasure at Annie's birthday!"

Step 4

Write in the basic facts of the party such as the time and date. When it comes to location, regardless of where the party will be, refer to the place as a "ship." For example, "Swab the deck or walk the plank at this here pirate ship, found at..." and then write or type the address.

Step 5

Write or type RSVP information and a final sentence that indicates you hope to see the recipient there. For example, a sentence such as "We hope to see all the pretty buccaneers there!" is suitable. Retrace your wording with a fine-tipped pen.

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