How to Word the Invitation to a Bridal Shower at a Restaurant That Is Pay Your Own

by Shelby Winchell, Demand Media

    You want to host a bridal shower at a restaurant, but can't afford to cover the whole bill. Though proper etiquette says it's a no-no to ask guests to chip in, you can still plan a fantastic event for a group of close friends and family. If you are planning a "pay your own" event, be sure to inform guests ahead of time so everyone can plan accordingly.

    Items you will need

    • Guests' addresses
    • Restaurant name and address
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    Step 1

    Assume the role of an event coordinator rather than hostess. As coordinator, arrange the event and all the details, including time, date and location.

    Step 2

    Explain the details in the invitation. Avoid using phrases like "You're Invited," as this is the wording used in a formal invitation that is hosted by someone. Instead, use phrases like "Let's Celebrate" or "Let's Get Together" in describing the party to honor the bride before she gets married.

    Step 3

    Indicate the date and time, and the restaurant name's and address in the invitation. If there is any question of the restaurant's whereabouts, include a map or directions.

    Step 4

    Write something like, "Let's meet up for dinner." This indicates it is a pay-as-you-go function.

    Step 5

    Provide the bride's gift registry information or explain that no gifts are expected.

    Step 6

    Supply your name and phone number or email address so guests can RSVP. Ask everyone to respond by a particular date so you can make a reservation.

    Step 7

    Mail the invitations at least three weeks in advance to give everyone enough time to plan for the event and purchase gifts if necessary.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Consider holding the shower at your home to keep costs down and eliminate the need for guests to pay.

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