How to Word Gymnastics Party Invitations

by J. Johnson
A gymnastics party can be the talk of the town.

A gymnastics party can be the talk of the town. Images

If your little youngster has a knack for climbing, tumbling and stretching, then you may want to encourage gymnastics as an activity. Under trained supervision, gymnastics is a safe, healthy way for kids to get great exercise as well as develop social skills and friendships. To encourage even more kids to get into gymnastics, you can throw a gymnastics-themed party, such as for your child's birthday. However, you need to be careful about how you word a gymnastics party invitations so that the kids and parents are well prepared.

Step 1

Start by explaining that your child is hosting a gymnastics-themed party. If it's for a birthday, be sure to include this in the first line.

Step 2

List the relevant information for the party, including the date, time and location. Don't forget to include the time the party will be over so parents know when to pick up their kids.

Step 3

Include your name and phone number so that parents know how to RSVP and can call to ask questions if necessary.

Step 4

Talk a little bit about the types of gymnastics activities that the party will feature. This is to prepare the kids who will be attending and to let the parents know that the activities will be safe. For example, if you're going to have a trampoline for the party, mention this and the activities that will take place on it.

Step 5

Ask that the kids who are attending the gymnastics party to wear loose, comfortable clothing. Little girls in dresses and little boys in slacks will not be able to participate in all the gymnastics activities. You may also want to mention that kids should wear socks.

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