How to Word a Feast Day Invitation

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It's common for people turn to a particular saint during times of need. Faithful Christians often implore St. Anthony when seeking lost items, St. Jude for hopeless situations or lost causes and St. Christopher when embarking on a journey. When you derive comfort and solace from a particular saint, you might want to celebrate that individual's Feast Day -- typically the anniversary of the day the saint died. If you are holding a Feast Day, you can create your own invitations for family and friends.

Step 1

Place a picture of the saint on the front of the invitation with three questions underneath. For St. Joseph, for example, you can put "Who is the patron saint of China?," "Which saint do you turn to when seeking work?" and "Who is the patron saint of unborn children?"

Step 2

Place the name of the saint in big letters on the inside of your invitation, so that invitees will see the name and the answer to the questions you listed on the front.

Step 3

Invite your friends and family to join you and include all of the details of the celebration. Use wording such as "Please join us in celebrating the Feast of St. Joseph on March 19 at 7:00 p.m. at our home." Include your address, telephone number and directions for anyone who may not be familiar with where you live.

Step 4

Include a simple paragraph telling your guests a bit about the saint, particularly in the case of lesser known saints. For example, "We choose to honor St. Zita on this day because of the example of holiness and faithful service she provided. She assisted the poor, worked hard at her job as a housekeeper and experienced many miracles during her life in Lucca, Italy during the 13th century."

Step 5

Tell your guests whether or not they need to bring anything to the party. For example, "All food and drinks will be provided for the feast. The only thing you need to bring is yourself and a smile." For parties where you'd like your guests to bring something: "Please feel free to bring a covered dish of your choice to add to the celebration. Invite St. Lawrence to aid you in your efforts since he is the patron saint of cooks."

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