How to Word Elegant Party Invitations

by Laurie Rappeport
Creating an elegant wedding invitation requires proper wording.

Creating an elegant wedding invitation requires proper wording.

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The invitations to your party will set the tone for an elegant event. Guests can anticipate the type of party that you plan through carefully worded invitations. A well-worded party invitation will allow your guests to make their own preparation so that their appearance matches your elegant party. There is an etiquette to the wording and style of elegant party invitations. Create a proper party invitation by providing a clear and concisely worded invitation that clarifies all details of the upcoming party.

Step 1

Start the invitation's first line with the names of the hosts. Your first line should include your name, as the host, along with your spouse, partner or any friends who will host the party with you. Examples of the first line on an elegant invitation include "Jim and Nancy Shore" or "Mr. and Mrs. J. Shore."

Step 2

Under the hosts names, continue with a verb that expands on what the hosts want. You may continue "invite you to" or "request the honor of your presence at..."

Step 3

Use the third line to inform the recipient of what kind of party you want to invite her to attend. Some types of parties for which you may use an elegant invitation include an engagement party, a retirement party, a debutante tea or a party where you plan to introduce someone to people in the community. If you plan to organize the party for someone, add their name at this point. For instance, you may word this line " engagement party for Lucy Rogers and Mark Parker" or "...our home to meet our new pastor, Reverend Stanford."

Step 4

Spell out, in words, the day, date and time of the party. Elegant party invitations do not use numerals but include these details in words. For instance, "at four o'clock in the afternoon, July twenty-third, two thousand and eleven."

Step 5

Write the location of the party under the date. Be sure that you include the location's full address.

Step 6

Write any dress requests toward the bottom of the invitation. If you want guests to arrive in evening or formal dress, add that information. This will indicate that you intend the party as a formal elegant occasion.

Step 7

End the invitation's wording with the needed information that will allow guests to RSVP. Place the initials "RSVP" together with a phone number or e-mail at the bottom left of the invitation.

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